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Camellia Hydrosol 50ml (Sasanqua camellia) Exclusive Artisan Distilled Flowers Very Rare



Camellia Hydrosol


Sasanqua camellia

Artisan Distilled in Glass Still

We are the First Company to distill these lovely flowers



Unlike Jopanica Camellia which has no aroma, this is the only Camellia flower that is an aromatically beautiful flower smell of light citrus sweet floral aroma, with spicy green petrichor notes. Smell like a fresh bouquet of flowers in wet soil on a spring rainy day.

Known as Floral water distillates. Hydrosols are the aromatic remains following a plant or tree resin steam distillation or Hydro-distillation process with similar, but much less concentrated properties of essential oil, and these include some of the properties of the whole oil molecules that you cannot get from just the Essential oil. This is like getting whole plant therapy in a bottle that can be applied to your skin These are made from my personal garden and trees that are pesticide and herbicide-free. We distill these hydrosols either in our Copper or glass stills.

These Hydrosols consist entirely of cellular botanical water, which includes unique water-soluble compounds and tiny droplets of essential oil that provide each hydrosol with distinct characteristics and benefits. These High -Quality Hydrosols contain the essence of the plant in every drop.

We were the first to exclusively distilled Camellia flowers. Only the Yuletide Pink and Red flowers Camellia sasanqua produce a significant aroma profile. The Jopanica variety has barely a scent profile. Yuletide Camellia or Camellia in general is a flower that blooms during the winter season. When your skin feels dry and lifeless These pink yuletide Camellia comes to the rescue by nourishing and moisturizing your skin back to life.

Camellia is awesome for hair, skincare, and freshening up clothing. Small evergreen tree to 20-25 ft tall, usually pruned back to shrubs in cultivation, with strong taproot giving rise to a surface. Small Pink flowers with golden stamens in fall and winter. you will not believe the heavy aroma. Soft floral slightly citrus green notes. Just beautiful!

Camellia  is rich in oleic acid in oil form, which is a skin-friendly fatty acid. Floral Hydrosol is nice and light, absorbing quickly and easily into the skin. For skin that is soft and silky to the touch, Spray to your body right out of the shower as it will help to lock in the moisture; make sure to pay particular attention to areas that are dry or cracked such as the elbow, heels, and knees.

Hydrosol is also effective for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when used as a toner or blended into face cream. Just lightly massage a touch on the areas where it’s needed.

Recommended keeping these in the refrigerator for freshness. The healing benefits are the same as the essential oils. Recommended for topical use only. Do not spray on the face because there are essential oil droplets from the distillation in the hydrosol product.

Discontinue use if you are allergic or have sensitive skin. *Always consult your physician before the use of any essential oils or herbs.

****The statements in this shop have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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