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Butterfly Sweet Pea Flower Hydrosol 50ml 2023 batch



Butterfly Sweet Pea Flower Hydrosol



Artisan Distilled

Blue Butterfly Sweet Pea steam-distilled flowers and leaves. The hydrosol liquid is clear to light purple or blue in color.

When inhaled or applied to energy centers, sweet pea is uplifting, relieves tension and depression, helps anxiety, and offers an energy of stability and harmony. Its exquisite complex aroma adds a wonderful note to DIY creams and lotions and skin toners and natural room sprays or after-shower sprays. I love adding this to my sonic water diffuser with a drop or two of Jasmine CO2 essential oil. Talk about bliss wow!

We keep this one in stock all year because it blooms in Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. Each batch is varies in color and aroma profile depending on the time of the year harvested.

Aromatic Profile Top Note: Sweet, balsamic, citrus green with powdery floral notes

Heart Note: Sour sweet delicate powdery violet-like aroma, honey floral notes with green notes of fruity citrus undertone.

Classification: Top note

Tenacity: med-high, especially for a fine floral top note hydrosol

Sweet Butterfly Pea hydrosol is rare hydrosol and makes beautiful refreshing perfumed floral spray all on its own. Sweet Pea Flowers are coveted for making high-class floral perfumes so when you smell this one you will understand why it is highly saught after. It is also wonderful for gourmand notes, and oriental Asian bouquets, and to freshen the air and clear negative energy It combines well with floral hydrosols, as well as many citrus hydrosols to create a lovely astringent toner

These Hydrosols consist entirely of cellular botanical water, which includes unique water-soluble compounds and tiny droplets of essential oil that provide each hydrosol with distinct characteristics and benefits. These High -Quality Hydrosols contain the essence of the plant in every single drop from the distillation process.


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