Aquamarine Frankincense Hydrosols 1 oz / 30ml


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Aquamarine Frankincense Hydrosol


Latin Name: Frankincense Boswellia papyrifera

Part of Plant: Resin tears- Organic Wild Harvested -OW

Country of Origin:  Resin from Somailia, (Holy Land Charged Resins)

Distilled in Israel/USA

Method of Production:  steam distillation

Blue Frankincense the rarest frankincense in the world.  The blueish-green color of the oil is from distillation of resin in copper still.  However the Hydrosol is not blue in color but it is absolutely the same nice smell.

Great to use for making mud mask, clay masks,  and after shower spray. Add a few drop or two of Ketoret essential oil blend to spray bottle of frankincense hydrosol to  clear and purify air


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