Black Frankincense-Organic 5 ml Boswellia Sacra (Rare)
Resin From Oman
Hydro-Distilled in Israel Bottled in Israel

A lovely full-bodied Frankincense distilled at low temperature. Very rare!
Our frankincense is cultivated in Oman. Frankincense from Oman is considered the highest quality in the world, it is then distilled by the traditional method in ISRAEL. We do no more than 3 hours of distillation to get the finest essential oils from these lovely fragrant high-quality resins.

Frankincense is a viscous golden/clear to light amber colored liquid displaying a rich, sweet, fruity, resinous bouquet with a delicate balsamic, slightly citrus. precious woods undertone.

No solvents, Organic Wild Harvested 100% pure. Undiluted and unadulterated Israeli distilled
Steam distilled from wild-harvested resins.

We only acquire our Sacra high-quality resins from sustainable, fair trade organic wild-harvested resources that are shipped to Israel. The heavy fragrant resins are then placed in an Israeli-made clay jar in Israel for 18 days in a dry, cool place to absorb the energy of the Holy Land and it is then hydro-distilled by the traditional method in Israel. This process is what we call “Holy Land Charged ®™” essential oil.

Ancient resin, elevating; Spiritual healing; Ritual, meditation, mature skin, pain, headaches, skin age spots.

Ancient resin, elevating; Spiritual healing; Ritual, meditation, mature skin****

ealing; Ritual, meditation, mature skin****

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