Benzoin Abs High Quality Essential oil (Onyca)- 5 ml Heart Note -From Laos


5ml Benzoin, Onycha Essential Oil-Heart Note RARE

Heart Note Benzoin, Onycha Essential Oil
Species: Styrax benzoin
Part: Bark/Resin
Country: Laos

Benzoin Liquid Resin, Laos; also known as …

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Benzoin- Onycha Essential Oil (Heart Note)

Species: Styrax benzoin

Part: Bark Resin

Country: Laos

Benzoin oil is extracted from the resin of seven years and older trees and yields about 65-85 % oil. Extracted at a lower temperature to bring out the heart of the aroma more deeply. Very rare oil and process.

Medicinal Properties: Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant, astringent, deodorant, diuretic, expectorant, and sedative.

Traditional Uses: Onycha essential oil has been commonly used as an antiseptic and cleanser for cuts and wounds.

Other Uses: Arthritis, asthma, bleeding (slow or stop), bronchitis, chills, circulation, colic, cuts, flatulence, gout, laryngitis, mucus, nervous tension, rheumatism, skin, stomach, stress, urinary tract infection, and wounds. Good for colds, coughs, & sore throat.


1. To help prevent infection to a cut or scrape, place a drop or two of Onycha essential oil on the affected area.

2. Place a drop of Onycha essential oil with a carrier oil on a  small wound to help slow bleeding.

3. Try using a drop of Onycha essential oil with coconut oil under each arm as a deodorant.

4. For sore throats, coughs, or colds, add one drop of Onycha essential with Carrier oil and apply

5. Rub 1-2 drops of Onycha essential oil on the stomach for cramping or pain.

6. To help with chapped or cracked skin, rub several drops of Onycha essential oil with carrier oil or unscented lotion on the skin to speed up healing.

7. Mix Onycha essential oil with a carrier oil, and rub it on the chest to help loosen mucus and congestion.

Onycha was a prized aromatic mentioned in Exodus 30:34: “And the Lord said unto Moses, Take unto thee sweet spices, stacte, and Onycha, and galbanum; these sweet spices with pure frankincense: of each shall there be a like weight.”

As mentioned in Exodus 30:34, Onycha stirred debate—whether it refers to a shellfish or a plant. The great Jewish scholar Rashi suggested that Onycha is a kind of root, while the Talmud states it came from an annual plant. Some scholars believe that styrax benzoin may be the plant’s source for Onycha.

Like frankincense and myrrh, benzoin is a resin so it would make sense that a resin would be used and would last longer in a grounded powder for in the Ketoret Holy Temple incense blend.

Onycha was traditionally known for its comforting and soothing properties as well as its benefits for the skin. Ancient people used it to improve complexion and to help nourish the skin. Perhaps some of the beneficial aspects of benzoin were due to not only the oil itself but also the other oils compounded with it.

All the compounds identified in benzoin resin were detected in an archaeological organic residue from an Egyptian ceramic censer, thus proving that this resin was used as one of the components of the mixture of organic materials burned as incense in ancient Egypt.

An ancient Egyptian perfume formula (1200 BCE) contained benzoin as one of its chief ingredients. The name “benzoin” is probably derived from. Many Rabbis agree its common use was incense and benzoin was and is the Onycha spoken about in the Torah/Bible used in Ketoret Exodus 30:22-32. It was also referred to in Ecclesiasticus 24:15 

Onyca Benzoin oil chemical constituents analysis is benzoic, cinnamic acids, benzyl benzoate, benzoic aldehyde, vanillin, and coniferyl benzoate.

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