Aytz Chayim Gift Box of Chocolate blend Essential Oils



Get all 10 Chocolate Orgnic and Sweet Chocolate Rich High Quality Essential oils blends in a Beautiful gift box .

Box Includes:

*All Chocolate Absolute 5ml

*Blood Orange  & Chocolate abs 5ml

*Lavender & Chocolate abs 5ml

*Joppa Orange  & Chocolate abs 5ml

*Pomegranate seed  & Chocolate abs 5ml

*Peppermint  & Chocolate abs 5ml

*RoseAbs/Otto  & Chocolate abs 2.5ml

*Vanilla  Bean  & Chocolate abs 5ml

*Chocolate Abs and Etrog0 5ml

*Chocolate and Rose Geranium 5ml


Amazing gift for birthdays, weddings, holidays and anniversaries. Diffuse these oils  in a diffuser, make amazing lotions or light perfumes. Simply sniff is enough for that chocolate lover. It even helps curb that sweet tooth just smelling the dark aroma of chocolate essential oil. mix and create a new thereaputic uplifting aroma to fill your home or space with romance or just making you feel or a  loved one feel happy.

Please note: These Chocolate blends or any essential oils are only for aromatherapy use ONLY and is  not for internal use. All essential oils are not to be taken internally no matter what company or brand you buy. Herbs are eating oils are for all day time release on the skin that goes slowly into the blood steam through the skin.






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