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Aytz Chayim Aroma Smell Therapy Kit©™ Retraining your Sense of Smell



Aytz Chayim Aroma Smell Therapy Kit ©™

Four Piece Set of Essential oil Pre Loaded Inhalers

Retraining your Sense of Smell Kits comes with

Eucalyptus, Cassia, Lavender, and Lime Essential Oil Inhalers. Included is a Smell Prism Chart with detailed instructions on how to use it properly. We also included some practical spiritual applications, visual guidance, and understanding along with a Hebrew blessing to say before starting your retraining process to gain back your Divine sense of smell.

This Smell Training Kit includes four essential oil inhalers that are recommended by scientists & doctors to help you regenerate and restore neural pathways in your nose for those experiencing smell loss (anosmia), reduced smell (hyposmia), or distorted smell (phantosmia).

Our nose was the only sense, of the five sense organs, that was not involved in the original sin of  Gan Aden (Garden of Eden) and because it experienced the Holy Essence of G-d who breathes life through  mankind nostrils. So when you lose your sense of smell it is not only a physical issue it is also a spiritual one.

In Genesis 3:1-6, we read that, in the Garden, Eve saw the beautiful tree as good and heard the serpent question her and she answered, “God hath said, You shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you will die.” Notice she did not smell the fruit from the tree.

If you suffer illness-induced smell loss or lost sense of smell due to flu, cold or respiratory illnesses, smell therapy may be a promising remedy for you. In our practice, we find the elderly who suffer from a lack of smell have shown to become happier, and less stressed and memory improves and sense of taste heightens. Smell therapy entails sniffing carefully selected classes of pungent aromas two to three times daily over a period of weeks or months. This kit will teach you how.

This smell exercise may require long-term use sometimes for several months before the olfactory system is fully restored. However, if you seek a quick fix, you’d most likely be disappointed. Smell therapy requires time and effort for maximum results, but you can begin to see some improvement in even the first week of diligent exposure.

I have found in my practice these four essential oils do work best for anyone who is currently losing smell because they are ill with respiratory issues or have been suffering from loss of smell over time. Also can use during illness so do not put it off. 

Smell therapy can work with different families of essential oils, however, there are four main essential oils that several researchers recommend as the most effective in retraining and restoring the sense of smell. 

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