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Asian Middle East Synergy ©™ Essential Oil Blend 10ml -Pure Energy Organic Fusion


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Asian Middle East Synergy©™ Blend 

10ml Blend 

Pure Energy Organic Fusion NEAT

The combination of orange (citrus, fresh and sweet) and ginger (spicy, warm, and radiant) with Patchouli and Vanilla essential oils is a harmonious delight, very unique in character, and is set apart as one of the best energizing symphonies of aromatherapy. When you blend orange and ginger, patchouli and vanilla they become an aromatic bouquet for beauty and wellness, and therapeutically these oils work really well in unison.

The ingredients are Orange which is botanically known as (Citrus sinenses) and is native to southwestern China. It was brought to the West Indies by Columbus and flourishes in tropical climates.  We are using Joppa Sweet Orange Native from Israel which is one of the oldest and best Juciest Orange aroma essential oils in the world.

Aromatherapists consider orange essential oil to be an antidepressant oil and recommend it for anxiety and depression. Orange is one of the key oils for detoxifying the system and helps the body:
◾eliminate internal toxins
◾promote urination to remove uric acid, excess salts and excess water
◾treat constipation and slow digestion

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) -ISRAEL
Warm spicy. Stomach, digestion, morning sickness, calming, massage, and relaxing bath

Patchouli Heart Note -SRI LANKA
Pogostemon cablin
Earthy aphrodisiac; warm, woody note for evening massage, deodorant, calming.

Vanilla Planifolia
Vanilla oleoresin is considered a premiere sensual aphrodisiac and one of the most popular flavors/aromas. It is comforting and relaxing, hormone balancing

Joppa Sweet Orange -ISRAEL
Vanilla Planifolia
Sweet, warm, relaxing, strong juicy orange aroma. Balance overall mind and body, also can cut and eliminate orders.



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