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Amber-Sandalwood Attar 5ml with Dipstick Application Top



Amber Sandalwood Attar

5ml with dipstick application top

(Pictured is 4ml Dram)

Made in India

Bottled in Israel

Thick woody resin, warm, sweet, smooth, and very rich. Very rare and very special!

This attar comes to us from Moshe Amir in Israel. He travels often to India to make several attars and brings back so many amazing mixtures of dense perfumes. Moshe’s father is from India and his mother is Israeli. Can you imagine eating in his home growing up?

Wow! Moshe likes being a part of the action to see the process from beginning to end. India has a deep intimate relationship with botanical aromas and natural perfumes as well as spices, incense, aromatic oils, and flowers. Often used in all life events and cycles as well as in cooking. So Moshe absolutely enjoys traveling to India to experience the process very much.

Attar is luxurious, rich, and is an alcohol-free perfume made from dense essential oils and fresh botanical materials. Attar oils are not easy to make and while using a wide range of fresh flowers, the more fragrant the flower, the heavier the resulting attar scent. Using fresh roses to make attar serves as a way to incorporate the roses with sandalwood, Amber, and other beautiful florals and resins.

The process can take up to 3 weeks of distillation and then mixing with more distillation with amazing organic extractions which takes tremendous skill and a highly trained keen nose.

The aroma provokes memories of golden sunshine that shimmers on sacred waters, while perfumed incense laces the air. Days are spent drifting through brightly-colored bazaars of spices while selecting exotic rare trinkets, as balmy air presses densely on dewy skin. The warm, sweet taste of dates and pomegranates lingers, dusted with spices from lands of the Middle Eastern deserts.

Made with rich ingredients of Sandalwood Mysore heartwood, Rose, Benzoin Onyca Resin, Opoponax resin, Amber (Dry Distillation of Fossil Resin), Myrrh Resin Natural Solvent extraction, mixed gently with Cistus Rock Rose Resin Abs, and Vanilla Bean Abs. Excellent for healing the heart on a spiritual level.

The aroma is strongly sweet, spicey, buttery amber with a hint of rose. Amazing literally the smallest dab will stay for hours on your skin. I find I like to add the tiny dab to some jojoba oil to thin it out and it softens the aroma to kiss my skin so throughout the day I will catch a whiff of the beautiful aroma which tickles my nose with delight every time.


Some of Our Reviews:


This is an outstanding attar! Smells amazing, a little goes a long way.


Love love love this product, it smells and feels like magic in a bottle, truly something special!


Rivka always has top-grade oils, serums, and everything else in her store. She makes everything with love and it shows. I’ve been very pleased with all the oils, serums, and balms I have purchased from her. Thank you again Rivka for everything!

Jena M
Excellent Shipping, product, and customer service.
Binah H July 20, 2023 
This attar is so out of this world, so heavenly, it’s just so beyond words. Wow!
Mussie L  Aug 16, 2023
This product is something very special and so incredibly beautiful to smell and wear. A little dab will transport you to the heavens of aroma bliss. WOW, JUST WOW!!!!

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