Acacia ( שטה Shettim) Cassie Flower Abs Essential Dilution 3% jojoba oil 5ml



Cassie flower Absolute
Acacia ( שטה Shettim) Abs Essential 5ml

Scientific name:Acacia farnesiana

Synonym name:Mimosa farnesiana
Sweet acacia, Needle Bush, Cassie flower, Huisache
Hebrew name/שם עברי:שיטת המשוכותPlant Part:  Flower

Also called the Shettah tree. Shettah or shittim wood was employed in making various parts of the Tabernacle and of the Ark of the Covenant. This was most likely the Acacia seyal. “The wild acacia tree flower, everywhere represents the seneh, or senna, of the burning bush. A slightly different form of the tree, equally common under the name of seyal, is the ancient shittah, or, as more usually expressed in the plural form, the shittim, of which the Tabernacle was made.

Perfume Ingredient Characteristics: Deep honey, floral, balsamic aroma.  Considered a perfume base note with good fixative qualities and was used in King David’s royal fragrance blend.

Isaiah 41:19 “I will plant in the desert cedar, acacia, myrtle, and olive trees; I will put in the wilderness cypress, elm, and pine as well..”
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Picture one Flowers by:
Tree picture taken by: Raizel Rosenburg

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