Complete Advance Course- Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.$3500 new applicants Fall 2019



We will be taking New Students  Spring 2017!

Professional  Certified Clinical Aroma-therapist will be 625 hours or 12 to 24 months

Requires prior completion of “Basic Aromatherapy Course” course

  • 6 to 12 months of advanced study and practice with online guidance
  • 100 Aromatherapy Treatments with Reports are required
  • Book List with Advanced Supplementary Reading
  •  36 to 60 Essential Oils Profiles
  • 25 Page Master Thesis Paper in your Holistic field to be submitted online
  • Basic understanding of Chemistry

 Learn How to become a Professional Aromatherapy Product Manufacture

  • Requires prior completion of “Basic Aromatherapy Course” course
  • 6 modules
  • Homework and experimentation with Reports submitted online
  •  36 to 48 Essential Oil profiles
  • Book List with supplementary Reading
  • Product development study: Perfumes, Blends for Massage, Bath and Inhalations, Sprays and other products that interest you
  • 10 pg Thesis on Professional Aromatherapy Product Development online
  •  Spiritual and Mystical Aromatics of the Torah (Bible)

The psychological and spiritual benefits of essential oils are emphasized in this section as the student learns the effects of fragrance on mood.  Discover safe and effective individual oils and blending combinations for:

Restoring Mental, Spiritual & Physical Balance, Blending for Balance, Nervous Tension & Agitation, Over Thinking & Worry, Anxiety & Apprehension, Concentration  and Memory, Anger & Frustration, Confidence & Self-Esteem, Empowerment and Indecision, Depression & Negativity, Problems Relating, Methods of Application,  Torah healing Concepts and Aromatherapy Massage Technique. introduce Bible Torah oils into modern times and life.

  • 3-6 month course with  6 modules
  • Homework and Creative Writing submitted online
  • Book List with supplementary Reading
  • 10 required essential oils and 3 carrier oils
  • 10 page report on Spiritual and/or Mystical Aromatics theme submitted
  • Learning Mind thoughts that create action
  • Avoiding Loshan Hora (evil speech)
  • Exclusive: Torah Reflexology Teaching with Traditional reflexology understanding
  • Learning frequency testing clients properly to get the correct oil to match their healing needs
  • Learning Ancient Shemen process according to Torah and Sages- Conduct and teach a class on making ancient Shemen and Salves.
  • Color Therapy according to Torah
  • Learning the Tree of Life 12 key oils and 12 fruits of healing

An in depth look at the science behind aromatherapy.  Phytochemical constituents of oils, their healing properties and medical uses for common health conditions are explored, including:
Antiseptic Actions, Antivirals and Antibacterials, Anti-Inflammatories, Auto-Immune Issues, Women’s Health Issues, Nervous System Health, Respiratory System Health, Digestive System Health, Urinary System Health, Chemotypes, Essential Oil Analysis Methods, Toxicity & Safety, Phytochemistry of Individual Oils and Medicinal Application of Essential Oils. learn to read a GS/MS report.

Learning the basics of a good nutrition and lifestyle program, and, provides your clients with an easy to understand, do-it-yourself, “Wellness Charts Booklet” that can help anyone live a more healthful life.

Final will be a open book test and must submit a 25-30 page Thesis on over all complete advance course CCA course.

Professional Diploma Certification of Clinical Aromatherapy will be issued



Please note there are no partial payments or refunds on these courses once the student packet has been shipped.

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