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There’s really only one difference between Matzah and Chametz.
They’re both made from flour and water, both baked in an oven, and both provide nourishment.
But one stays flat and humble, while the other fills itself with hot air. The Hebrew of these two words reveals this fact.

Matza מצה
= “unleavened bread”.

Chametz חמץ
= “leaven”, or “fermented dough”.
By the way, chometz / חומץ = vinegar, and chamutz / חמוץ = sour.


The letter Chet ח there is no escape past the first letter of Chumetz

The Letter Hey ה  there is escape in the word Matza

That’s why matzah is a key ingredient for leaving your own personal Egypt to rid ourselves of our personal Pharo: As long as we are full of ourselves with delusions of self-importance, there’s no way to break out and grow to a new level. There is no way one can relate to others and have healthy relationships if we are all puffed up. Once we make ourselves small, we can fit through any bars of our personal  prison cell and we can fly past any cloud that may get in our way.

Chametz (leaven) dough that has risen symbolizes inflated ego and arrogance, while Matzah that keeps a low profile, represents humility and suspension of the self, becoming a conduit for a higher flow of Divine light.

Essential Oils helps to overcome anxiety, depression, feeling out of control of our lives, pain, loss (berevement), confusion, insomnia/sleeping too much, disease, etc which is the Chumetz we want to remove. Essential oil also help us regain calmness, clarity and focus back into our lives which is Matza that helps us on our escape to Freedom from the spiritual Chumetz.

Let’s go beyond cleaning our home, we must also purge within. Go beyond eating Matza but also embracing the light of Hashem into our souls. How else can we Dance like Miriam at the Red Sea.


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Chag Sameach v’Kosher Pesach!












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