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It has come to my attention today that Frankincense Boswellia carterii may have a problem with those on blood-thinning medication and not just Hemophiliacs who take blood clotting factor medication, The life saving Factor medications are takenby those who have a bleeding disorder such as Hemophilia A Factor viii, Hemophilia B Factor viiii, Hemophilia C Factor xi, and and Von Willebrand.

We suspect that this effect may be due to the presence of Estragole, also known as Methyl chavicol, in the essential oil and resin. According to Essential oil Safety second edition by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young Published Nove 2013, p 553, Estragole have an in vitro antiplatelet effect. This effect is compared to a diluted aspirin solution.  

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In my original research article, I  included Frankincense B.carterii  findings today. The article was written in 2007 called  “Frankincense b. seratta and the anti-platelet aggregation.” in this article I point out the chemical constituent “estragole” has a blood-thinning effect and interacts with my son’s blood clotting medication. This was achieved just by looking at the chemical breakdown reports of the oil. I notice the one constituent was estragole between all of the Frankincense Boswella oils and then looking estragole up I discovered it inhibits coagulation which is a huge issue with someone with Hemophilia which included my own son. So I avoided using Frankincense b.seratta in any form including maceration because we would see the this result with my own son and other clients. So as you can imagine these finding of Boswellia Carterii today is alarming and here is why?

Serrata usually contains around 2% of estragole while Carterri range between none to 0.15%, as per GC reports and communication with Hubert Marceau, a well know distinguished chemist at PhytoChemia who is very well known for his work with Essential oils and also resins.  He says that in this communication with me which included was with Robin Kessler a colleague  who is also a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist specializes in using resin medicines working with Hospice patients also agreed that our findings together warrants a caution.

How it all started there was a quite urgent and concerned question asked by a mutual friend about the use of Frankincense b. carterri with his ill mother who was being treated in hospital at the time for a heart condition. The use of Frankincense B.carterii was causing serious problems. This caused a chain reaction to these that I certainly was not aware of in Boswella Carterri but it was suspicious. It was my previous finding with Boswella seratta that sparked me to have a conversation with Robin Kessler after reading my friend’s post and inform her of the expierence I found with Frankincense B.seratta.

After sharing with Robin my finding from years ago and pointed out to her that B.carterii also has Estragole, also known as Methyl chavicol and that I had to stop using it also with my own son. So she decided to bring in Hubert Marceau into the conversation which I also shared my finding with, so after a very lengthy conversation, we came to an agreement Estragole, also known as Methyl chavicol in Boswella Carterri warrants some caution.

What was discovered after sharing my findings with my own son years ago it was agreed by Hubert Marceau and myself is that even the smallest amount of Estragole may have an impact on anyone with a coagulation disorder such as Hemophilia, VWD both treated with factor medications or the opposite Prothrombin treated with blood thinners. Conclusion anyone with these conditions should take caution which is why I am writing this blog now. So my choice not to use seratta and Carterii was confirmed as a good choice for my son’s condition.

While we do not have strong confirmation this compound “estragole” may be the cause of this effect, we do suggest caution and supervision when using this product with clients with bleeding disorder conditions. I am writing this to encourage clients and patients to keep reporting any side effects they have using this oil or resin while taking coagulation derived medications. The main goal is to not use anything that may interfere with these life-saving medications. Everyone is different, with different capacities and abilities to metabolize, absorb drugs, supplements, and nutrients. Therefore, be aware of your body and listen to its response.

Hubert Marceau points out According to their databases only around 50% of the B. carteri resins that were tested contain estragole. When there are the level is around 0.03-0.10. Note that not all reports will go at this level.  However, I feel this warrants a caution to the Bleeding disorder community the number of 50% is just too high of a risk for my clients and my son to use Frankincense b.carterri  in any form. Hubert Marceau and Robin Kessler both are in agreement with my conclusion. The risk is just to high.

Note that none of the other Boswellia Frankincense resins and essential oils have this component.

As most of you know that I have found Frankincense boswellia serrata interferes with my son’s factor meds and have found also with my clients with bleeding disorders over the past decade. See the list of oils for bleeding disorder research from 1996-2006 with updated information over the years including what we have discovered today here.

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It is important to note that 99% of the blogs and articles out on the internet that is geared to people with Bleeding Disorder make direct quotes from my work and sometimes are misquoted. Much they miss is my original findings which include my experience with my own son. These blogs and articles can be confusing because they do not have a complete updated list and research in their blogs/ articles. This is why I am working hard to have the best and most updated information because of the direct impact it has on the Bleeding Disorders Community, my family, and my Clinical Aromatherapy practice.

Along with Tisserand and Young’s book and other Expert’s books in the field became the resources I referred to much of my later finding in 2010-2012 in my practice working with my clients. Before 2010 it was with my own practice findings and experience with my clients and also with my own son I relied on and I was able to create a good and accurate list of safe and unsafe use of essential oils, herbs, and resins in the Coagulation and Bleeding Disorder Community. 

Frankincense Resin discussion and My expierence from 2006 – YouTube


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