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סַּעַּכ/ ka’as – ‘Anger’ & Idol-Worship
תלמוד בבלי מסכת שבת דף קה/ב רַ בִּ י שִּ מְ עֹון בֶּן אֶּ לְעָזָר אֹומֵ ר מִּ ּׁשּום ]חִּ ילְפָא בַר אַ גְ רָ א, שֶּ אָ מַ ר מִּ ּׁשּום[ רַ בִּ י יֹוחָנָן בֶּן
)גוריה( ]נּורִּ י[, הַמְ קָרֵ ע בְ גָדָ יו בַחֲמָ תֹו, וְ הַמְ שַ בֵר כֵלָיו בַחֲמָ תֹו, וְ הַמְ פַזֵר מָ עֹותָ יו בַחֲמָ תֹו, יְהֵא בְ עֵינֶּיָך כְ עֹובֵ ד עֲבֹודַ ת
כֹוכָבִּ יםומַ זָלֹות, שֶּ כְָך אּומָ נֻּתֹו שֶּ ל יֵצֶּר הָרַ ע. הַּיֹום אֹומֶּ ר לֹו עֲשֶּ ה כְָך, לְמָ חָר אֹומֶּ ר לֹו עֲשֵ ה כְָך, עַד שֶּ אֹומֵ ר לֹו, עֲבֹוד
עֲבֹודַ ת כֹוכָבִּ יםומַ זָלֹות, וְ הֹולְֵך וְעֹובֵד. אָ מַ ר רַ בִּ י אָ בִּ ין, מַ אי קְ רָ אָ ה, )תהליםפא( “לֹא יִּהְ יֶּה בְך אֵ ל זָר וְ לֹא תִּ שְתַ חֲוֶּה
לְאֵ ל נֵכָר”. אֵ יזֶּהּו “אֵ ל זָר” שֶיֵש בְ גּופֹו שֶּ ל אָ דָ ם? הֱוֵי אֹומֵ ר, זֶּה יֵצֶּר הָ רַ ע

Whoever rips his garments, breaks vessels, or throws money in anger is considered someone who worships idols. This is the work of the Yetzer Hara (negative impulse). Today it tells him to do such and such. The following day it tells him to do such and such. Finally, it tells him to worship idols, and he then goes to worship them. Rabbi Avin said, “What is the meaning of, ‘There should not be a strange god in you, and do not bow down to a strange god’”? (Tehillim 81:10). Who is a strange god inside of the body of man? That is the Yetzer Hara (Babylonian Talmud, Shabbat 105b).

The causes of anger differ from one person to another and from situation to situation, but no matter what the reason, it can ruin your health. One of my healing teachers said, “There is no such thing as anger. What you’re feeling is either fear, hurt, grief, or frustration.”No matter how you label it, it harms your body when you feel any of those emotions. which in reality we turned away from G-d’s spirit and chose to allow another to enter your soul to cause harm to our Body the mini image of the Holy Temple.

Yetzer Hara is a strange god. Idol can be yourself that you are worshipping it’s your ego. Anger is connected to arrogance. Anger reveals to you that there’s something programming you within your mind. Looking at it from more of a godly perspective than from your own ego. Anger can cause your neshama (soul) to leave your body and you can become a dead person walking.

Anger is Snake Energy (represents Esav)
ספר בראשית פרק ג פסוק א וְהַנָחָש הָיָה עָרּום מִּ כֹל חַּיַת הַשָ דֶּ ה אֲשֶּ ר עָשָ ה הָשֵ ם אֱֹלהִּ ים וַּיֹאמֶּ ר אֶּ ל הָאִּ ּׁשָ ה אַּ ף כִּ י
אָ מַ ר אֱֹלהִּ ים לֹא תֹאכְ לּו מִּ כֹל עֵץ הַגָן:
“The serpent was cunning, more than all the animals of the field that Hashem had made, and it said to the woman, ‘Has G-d indeed [ףַ א/af-anger] said, You may not eat from all the trees of the garden?’” (Bereishit 3:1).

He said to the woman “af” (anger in hebrew) this brought anger to the world. When we get angry we are bringing the serpent energy allowing the external energy of the snake to take possession. A strange god that turns us away from our true G-d of creation who made us in his image.

Proverbs 14:29 says Whoever is patient (slow to anger) has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered will create great calamity.

Transforming Your Anger
ספר תהילים פרק ד פסוק ה רִּ גְ זּו וְ אַ לתֶּ חֱטָ אּו אִּ מְ רּו בִּ לְבַבְ כֶּם עַ ל מִּ שְ כַבְ כֶּם וְ דֹמּו סֶּ לָה

“Tremble (be angry) and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still” (Tehillim 4:5).

Fire destroyed the Holy Temple and negative fire such as anger adds wind to the fire and blows at the fire by adding to it (wind ie voice) more and more and more until you completely burn down your own house. Anger can destroy you! So the rectification for the destruction of the Temple which was burned by the fire of baseless hatred ie anger is to take the fire of anger and turned it into the fire of love. With the fire of Anger, you destroyed it and with the fire of Love you will in the future rebuild it Love will return your neshama (soul) back to your body and you become alive, balanced, and whole once again.

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