Aytz Chayim

“It is Meritorious to anoint our Bodies for healing because our bodies are a miniature image of the Holy Temple” ~E. Rivka Sari AYTZ CHAYIM AROMATHERAPY עץ חיים שׁמנים אתריים YES, WE ARE OPEN! Our USA store will ship all Online Domestic and International...

The Color Red אדם in Understanding Biblical Color Therapy צבע טיפול בשמנים

Adom אדם  in Hebrew is the word for the color Red The letter read  are from Right to left Alef Dalet Men אדם Each letter represents Adom א, Daveed ד (King), Mashiach מ. These three have Wisdom and Understanding. Red is associated with the Tribe of Judah which is the...

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