Holy Land-Israel Grown and Produced Herbal Essence Infused Oil 15ml-1oz sized




These oils are made with plants, resins and flowers grown and produced in Israel.

 These oils are created in a ancient method by Ancient  Maceration technique that was the original way to produce whole plant Essential oils and it has been proven to be a very precise skilled technique.  According to Patricia Davis, in Aromatherapy: An A-Z, maceration of plants pre-dates the process of extracting essential oils. Ancient civilizations such as Israelites simply stood jars of plant material out in the sun to macerate the plant into a fat oil such as Olive oil. In the process skilled perfumests would sniff out the very best  plants and knew precisely when the batch was ready. Infused, or macerated, oils hold similar medicinal properties to those extracted to produce an essential oil; however, some plants can be macerated that do not produce an essential oil too.

Some material have to sit up to 50 days such as Frankincesnse or Myrrh which are resin brought to the holy Land and placed in a special Israeli made clay pots in to soak up the energy of the Holy Land. We call this ” Holy Land Charged Oils” We do have Frankincense Growing in Israel but much of the trees are not ready for full harvest. Our Frankincense Resins are choice picked  from Oman for Sacra Hajory resins,, Samalia for Catteri resins, India for seratta resins, and Ethiopia for rivae resins. Our Sweet Myrrh is from Jordon, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Somalia. All our resins we purchase from private Organic sustainable resources.

Most Flowers and blossoms have a very short sitting in carrier fat oils like Roses, or Jasmine that grow in the Holy land. A highly skilled person can bring out the very best infused oils and the healing properties are equal to distilled essential oil but come with a carrier oil.

When a plant grows in a particular environment, the plant takes all its nutrition from the soil as well the characteristics of the Land.  You will always be putting a bit of Israel on your skin which slowly enter the blood stream like time released capsule.. Come experience the Holy Land in a infusion of Bliss and Blessing.



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